Biblically Centered Classes. College Credit Opportunities.

A-G Requirement: By completing a 16-week semester-length class, your child would fulfill their high school requirement for the subject purchased.

Christian Foundation: This class is based on a Christian Worldview. In every class, our primary goal is to glorify God, equip your students to defend their faith, and display God's handiwork in every subject.

Minimal prep, planning, and work for parents: Automatic grading is provided for the weekly quizzes. All content is organized into a simple outline that students follow seamlessly. Virtual labs are integrated into the science content (other assignments may be added in other classes). Physical labs and other materials that go with the content can be purchased separately through some of our partners like Home Science Tools.

CLEP/College Credit Option: Your child will be prepared to take the CLEP exam upon completion, potentially saving thousands of dollars and bypassing the equivalent college course.

These classes were prayed over.


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