Welcome to Life Foundations Academy! 😀

I am beyond thrilled to have you here as you consider how to enrich the high school homeschool high school journey you are on.

My name is Bryce Bovee, and I am the founder. But more than that, I am a fellow homeschool graduate, follower of Jesus, proud husband and father, and credentialed teacher.

Scroll down to hear our story and why we are passionate to serve the homeschool community.

🏡 Background: I grew up homeschooled through an ISP throughout my entire K-12 education. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

📰 High School & CLEP: In high school, I was introduced to College Board's CLEP program and was able to graduate with over 40+ units before my high school graduation.

🎓 After high school, I ardently pursued the medical field. While volunteering in the emergency room, I passed out multiple times! The sights, sounds, and smells were not for me. Due to my passion for apologetics and human interaction, I got my Biology teaching credential. I also got married to my beautiful wife, had my son, and began teaching for California public schools.

🏫 I excelled in the public schools. I was featured on podcasts for the creative use of engaging technology, trained other teachers, and had a powerful ministry of young individuals hungry for truth. Despite this, I felt deeply convicted to leave the politically-charged environment, return to my roots, and teach home school students.

📖 Life Foundations is a blend of a ministry and a business. I started Life Foundations to be a solution to something I would have loved in high school. All of the CLEP's I studied for were separate from the curriculum I was already taking. In addition to this, the resources that were available were limited to strictly print books that were difficult to understand and incredibly unengaging. My goal was to create a curriculum that equipped students to be mesmerized by God and able to defend truth in a secular society all while preparing them for the CLEP exam.

We made Semester-Length classes and Quick Study options. I created semester classes for those who wanted a A-G requirement curriculum that would simultaneously prepare them for the CLEP (like a Christian AP class). Quick Study was designed off of the brain-research I studied in school for a quick and efficient way for students to learn content quickly and pass the CLEP.

I don't do this alone.

Alongside me is a dedicated team of educators who share the same passion and commitment. 🔽

Sheila Bovee

Sheila Bovee, my mom, brings a wealth of experience as a homeschool mom for all of her children and a master's degree in the field of biological and nutritional sciences. Her love for teaching and her desire to create a nurturing learning environment are evident in every lesson she helps design.

Dane Hitchcock

Dane Hitchcock, completes our team for this semester. He is a graduate student at Miami University, a history enthusiast, and an apologist who brings the past to life in our world history courses. His deep faith and engaging teaching style ignites a love for learning and encourages students to explore the wonders of history through a biblical lens.

Bryce Bovee

Here is a picture of me and my two kids, Flynn & Ella.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. 😀

Please understand that we strongly believe in cultivating not only academic excellence but also character, critical thinking skills, and a solid foundation in biblical truth.

Thank you for considering Life Foundations Academy as your homeschool high school partner. I am confident that together, we can build a solid foundation for your child's future success.

In Christ,

-Bryce Bovee

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